Closed Cell Foam Pad Vs. Air Pads

- Feb 26, 2020-

There are many types of material for sports sleeping mats, but lots of people have no any idea of the differences between closed-cell foam and the air pad material. So, this is a comparison of closed-cell foam vs. air pads for backpacking, camping, and sleeping outside on the ground. Different pads offer different levels of comfort, warmth, weight, and packability, let's lead you to choose the one you really need!

What's the core difference?

Closed-cell foam has thousands of tiny closed-cell structure cells that contain air inside. This is decided by the material. For example, the XLPE foam has closed-cell structures as the picture below, to some extent, the larger the cell dimension is, the lighter the foam, as there is much light air in the foam body.  

closed cell foam structure

The air pad is almost for a sleeping pad, it is lighter because of larger cells than the closed-cell foam. You can see the obvious difference between both. To seal the air inside, sometimes a sperate hand air pump is necessary to unfold the pad, which is normally designed for easy package and space reduction. There is a picture that applied the air pad.

air pad

As for the sporters, the sleeping pad offers many advantages for camping, hiking and touring.

So, you can choose the ideal sleeping pad for your different application scenarios.

What's are the advantages of both?

- Closed-cell foam pad

    Durable, but less soft and less comfortable than air pad.

    Able to laminated with insulation material such as aluminum foil to offer a better R-value.

-Air pad

    Lots of cushioning, comfortable, lightweight, pack small;

Which kind of pad that Huzhou CYG offers?

1. Baby playmat

2. Army sleeping mat

3. Camping mat

4. Foldable mat

5. Yoga mat

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