Application Use Of XPE And IXPE

- Dec 10, 2018-

XPE (IXPE) is a free continuous foaming material. The surface is smooth, the bubble hole is closed, independent, uniform, does not absorb water, infinite length, does not absorb water soft material. XPE (IXPE) has better performance than other similar products. XPE (IXPE) especially in environmental protection, flame retardant, insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, shock absorption, cushioning, rebound, insulation, heat insulation, weather resistance, aging resistance, drug resistance, light weight, easy to process molding, pollution-free and other aspects are other materials can not be combined (such as: EPE, NBR, PVC, EVA, PU, etc.).

Therefore, XPE (IXPE) as a lining core material, outer packaging materials are widely used in automotive interiors, sports leisure, tourism supplies, packaging, refrigeration, construction, home decoration, public decoration, as well as shoe materials, bags, friction materials, children's toys, health care and a variety of daily necessities industry.

First, the use of cars in the car and several processing methods:

1, car internal door protection plate, car waterproof door film, car door handrail lining, car ventilation pipe ... 2, Sunshade: Sunshade is a regular activity of the pieces, due to the previously used materials (PU, EPE, Eva and other foaming materials) easy to deform or after a long period of sun, weathering into powdery foam, XPE has become the best alternative.

The use of XPE processing sunshade, mainly through composite cloth or membrane as a surface, and then through hot punching molding, or cold hot pressing molding, its molding effect is better, the appearance of elegant. 3, Insulation pad: The car's engine generated heat has seriously affected the comfort of the car. Due to the excellent thermal insulation and heat resistance of XPE, XPE is designated as the only processing material for thermal insulation pads.

It is usually a XPE thermal composite aluminum film, which is then pressurized and molded.

4, ground mats, suitcase mats: mats and suitcase pads generally use a low-magnification xpe, through the flame composite LDPE molded molding.

5, sealed friction parts: Due to the xpe elasticity and insulation sound absorption performance is superior, is a high-quality seal at the same time both friction of the preferred material.

6, other blister molding parts: xpe Easy to process, easy to form, small thermal shrinkage coefficient, and non-deformation, is the ideal material for the protection of other complex parts of automobiles

Second, in the air conditioning industry applications: Air conditioning ventilation pipe insulation, shock absorption, sound absorption.

Air conditioning insulation pipe, drip pipe, compressor damping, sound absorption, insulation

Third, the construction industry: As the construction industry has been using EPE linoleum to waterproof, has become a routine, but due to its lack of performance, in the construction industry often short-term use of leakage and other problems, and construction complex, frequent replacement. XPE is its best alternative, in some national key projects in the use of XPE as a waterproof material. such as: Three Gorges Project, south-to-North water transfer project, Beijing Metro, Shuo Huang Railway Road project, Zhengzhou Electric Power tunnel project and so on. XPE, IXPE can also be used in the foundation waterproof, wall soundproofing, roof insulation and other places. In recent years, the emerging floor soundproof damping pad products, its material is XPE.