2020 Foam-Expo North America-March 24-26

- Mar 04, 2020-

Foam Expro during March 24-26, the 4th Foam expo is just around the corner, here is the link to free registration to attend. Do you miss out on the biggest expo in the foam industry? Almost all leading suppliers, buyers will attend to find see the best foam technology and sink new opportunities.

foam expo north america

Now the America event is one month away. So before the doors open, we invite all our customers and event all competitors to attend and support.

Special introduction:

Worldwide Foam (WF) will introduce their new exclusive 1.9 lb/ft3 Zotefoams products. Its much more cost-efficient and stocked ina more fabricator friendly size than traditional Zotefoams. There are 5 colors for your option, this exclusive new product will offer all the Zotefoams high-density, moldability, vibrant colors and superior performance at a lighter weight than traditional XLEP products. All of this makes it a great option for a wide range of applications.

In the heartland of North America’s automobile industry, Zotefoams will demonstrate how it can help manufacturers rise to the triple challenge of evolving technologies, higher safety standards, and efficiency considerations through the lightweight, consistency, and compliance with standards of its AZOTE® and ZOTEK® foam ranges.