Pp Foam Material for Auto

Pp Foam Material for Auto

Introduction: With the development of the automotive industry, the manufacturers’ requirements became much stricter both on the properties and the quality. There is a trend of the auto weight reduction and comfort improvement, so a lot of parts inside the car prefer to cross-linked foam to meet...

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PP foam as a newly developed product in CYG company, it has plenty of excellent features like high-temperature resistance, easy forming ability, good waterproof property, and low odor emission.

You may be confused about the IXPP and IXPE foam, here are the comparison for your reference:


XPE is cross-linked by chemical cross-linking agent (DCP). The bubbles are relatively large and rough in appearance.

IXPP/IXPE is cross-linked by high-energy electron beam irradiation, with relatively uniform and fine bubbles, smooth surface, good mechanical properties, and thermal molding

IXPP compared with IXPE/XPE, better mechanical properties, heat resistance higher up to 120 ℃, forming depth deeper, more suitable for the application of auto soft interior materials

3, high-temperature resistant performance is superior, the heat shrink, 120 ° contraction can be less than 2%;

4. High-temperature foaming, low odor, and little VOC volatilization




Dashboard, door shutter, handrail

Upper face: TPO/PVC synthetic leather
Liner: IXPP/IXPE foam, with the thickness of 1-3mm
Process: Vacuum forming

car roof

Upper face: PP sheet, etc.
Liner: IXPP foam, 50kg/m3, 3mm thickness
Face material: knitted fabric, woven
Process: hot-press molding


Lightweight, low density as low as 30Kg/m³

Environmental protect, harmless, odor up to 3.0 

Low fogging degree

Deep molding depth

Heat resistance up to120℃

Soft and fine touching feeling

Briefer process technique

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