Automotive Door Waterproof Foam

Automotive Door Waterproof Foam

chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam is an ideal choice for the automotive door panel due to its waterproof property, which is decided by its closed cell structure.

Product Details

The solution of CYG for Automotive Door Waterproof Foam:


Density: 50-70kg/m3

Thickness 3mm

Application- door panel

Process method: blister (which can be processed by CYG, we only supply material)

Advantages of automotive door waterproof foam:

First, automotive door waterproof foam has an excellent performance of waterproofness, moisture resistance, and mildew resistance and sound insulation. Besides, as automotive door waterproof foam is without using bonder, odorless and low VOC, after vacuum forming into a size and shape, it will be super easy to install and save workers time on the process line. 

Except for the part, the same with automotive door waterproof foam, our foam is also a good choice to following applications: door panel, flooring underlay, inside roof and trunk. 


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