Polyolefin Pipe Insulation

Polyolefin Pipe Insulation

Introduction: Polyolefin foam in our company is cross-linked polyethylene foam, which is a closed-cell foam characterized by a compact feel and resistance to water. There are two ways of cross linking, one is by linking agent, the other is by irradiation. Cross linking by irradiation has better...

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Polyolefin insulation pipe in our company is cross-linked polyethylene foam, which is made by irradiation method on the vertical furnace.

According to the width of foam sheet to coil it in the pipe. Sometimes, there is pe film embossed on the surface to protect it. And to ensure the easy installation, we provide the single open side or double open side for our customer.

The characteristics of cross linked foam: 

●Sound insulation 

●High quality and durability

●Shock absorption

●Light weight

●Waterproof and humidity tolerance

●Non-corrosive and non toxic and non odor

After shaping it into pipe by coiling machine, it is a good material to be used extensively in air- conditioner, to decrease the heat transmission. 



Air conditioning insulating pipe, T-branch pipe

XPE/IXPE FOAM, with 33kg/m3, 3-10mm,

Thermal compounding with PE film

And post-process by coiling

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