Physically Cross Linked Foam

Physically Cross Linked Foam

Physically crosslinked polyethylene foam,in the meantime, called IXPE foam as well. Actually, it has excellent mechanical properties and superior dimensional stability. So, Physically crosslinked polyethylene foam (ixpe foam) is widely used in different areas.

Product Details

Physically crosslinked polyethylene foam

Physically crosslinked polyethylene foam

(also named IXPE foam)

CYG tefa's physically crosslinked polyethylene foam (IXPE foam) can be processed into plates, rolls, tubes, muti-laminated forms. CYG tefa has various kinds of processing machines in our Huzhou factory, including cutting machine, slicing machine, lamination machine, slitting machine, and so on.

CYG tefa physically crosslinked foam also has many same properties as Volara.

Features of Physically crosslinked polyethylene foam ( IXPE foam):

  • Odorless and environmental- friendly

  • Lightweight, resilient and closed cell structure, so it is waterproof as well

  • Non-absorbent with a high level of chemical resistance

  • Outstanding Appearance & Durability

  • Excellent weather-ability

  • CYG tefa's IXPE foam is Independently Tested and Certified

  • CYG tefa's Technical Information include copies of all the certificates

  • No VOC or SVOC

Production Process of Physically crosslinked polyethylene foam:

Firstly, producing the required master sheet. According to the requirements of the product to determine the master production formula.

Then, extruding the product with the aid of all kinds of additives.

After that, making the master sheet through high frequency and voltage low beam electron beam irradiation electronically crosslinked. ( this part is different from chemically cross-linked closed cell foam)

In the last step, with hot oven operation, the physical characteristic of the product increases by means of foaming furnace (by the horizontal furnace or vertical furnace, it will depend on the thickness of the finished foam)

During the third process, the delivery time when the cell cross-linked takes much more time than XLPE foam ( chemically cross-linked closed cell foam). Therefore, IXPE foam also not only with a very closed-cell structure, but also a smooth surface is obtained.

Applications of Physically crosslinked polyethylene foam:

1. Automotive: Air Duct, Car Floor Mat, Door Water Shield, Gaskets & Seals, Head Liner, Sun Visor, Trunk Trim and etc.

2. Building & Construction: Flooring Underline, HVAC insulation, Playground Underlay, Roofing Insulation, Wall and etc.

3. Consumer Goods: Caps, Insoles, Slippers, Paddings, Packaging, Tapes & Gaskets and etc.

4. Insulation: Acoustic Insulation, Condensation Prevention, Duct Lagging & Acoustic Linning, Pipe Work, Thermal Insulation and etc.

5. Sports and Leisure: Baby Play Mat, Body Protection, Cross-fitness Mattress, Foam Archery Target, Folded Seat Cushion, Garage Wall Protection Guard, Hiking and Camping Mattress, Pull Buoy for Swimming Construction, Swimming Pool Underlay, Ultra-soft Mattress, Water Floating Mat, Yoga Mattress and etc.

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