PE Foam

PE Foam

Our PE Foam is widely used in a large variety of fields, including automotive interior, building and construction, packing, sports and leisure, as well as medical and health care.

Product Details

PE foam is the short name of polyethylene foam, it is a strong and resilient cross-linked closed-cell foam made of the low-density polyethylene resin. According to the crosslinking technics, there are two types of PE foam that Huzhou CYG produce, one is named " XPE foam", this one is chemically crosslinked foam, the other is named "IXPE foam", it is physically crosslinked by via electron beam.


Excellent Shock-Absorbance

superior resilience and flexibility as well as excellent absorption of impact energy. In addition, it combines comfortable cushioning with firmness due to its closed-cell structure.

Excellent Heat Insulation

thermal conductivity, water absorption, and water vapor transmission rates are extremely low and the product is well suited as a thermal insulation material.

Superior Waterproofing and Buoyancy

Due to the closed-cell structure, pe foam does not absorb water and shows excellent resistance to water and moisture. Furthermore, the product is highly buoyant.

Fine and smooth surface

Cross-linking by electron beam ensures that the surface is smooth with fine cells

Excellent Workability

Cutting, slicing, molding, and adhesion can easily be achieved.

Superior Chemical Resistance

Compared with other plastic foams, polyethylene foam is almost chemical resistance.

PE foam is good in shaping, and it is available to make rolls and sheets in various specifications as your demand.

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