Ixpe Underlayment

Ixpe Underlayment

CYG tefa IXPE foam for floor underlayment, also known as IXPE underlayment, it is widely used in real wood flooring, laminate flooring, composite flooring, bamboo flooring, and others, as IXPE foam has good properties of sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, waterproof, moisture-proof, rebound, weather resistance, aging resistance, mildew prevention and other functions, health and environmental protection and recycling, it is an ideal material to construction, and CYG tefa will offer you a comfortable and safe room.

Product Details

IXPE underlayment with aluminum foil backing side have an excellent performance in heat insulation, while, the foam itself have good property of sound insulation when laying the foam rolls first, under the wooden floor tiles. Proof by the test result by SGS, 19 dB is able to be blocked with our product's participation.

More options: 

Waterproof membrane backing and acoustic properties, suitable for use with a woodland lifestyle where a moisture barrier is required. As it has outstanding performance with compression strength, sound, and moisture.

Structures when installing indoors

1. Concrete floors

2. 2nd storey floors

3.Wooden floors

4. Where a sound deadening barrier is required

There are a variety of types for your selection, laminated with PE film, aluminum foil, embossing on the surface or punching, slitting, ect. CYG tefa try our best to meet with customers' different requirements, please feel free to contact us to help with your questions. 

installment site (here is a kind of IXPE foam with aluminum foil)

installment instructions

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