Ixpe Foams

Ixpe Foams

IXPE foam ( also named irradiated cross-linked polyethylene foam) is made by low-density polyethylene, and change to independent obturator meshed bubble structure through electronic irradiation. It is a kind of PE foam material with continuous production, smooth surface, closed-cell, independent, good distribution, non-water absorption, unlimited length, and adjustable color and density.

Product Details

Details about IXPE foam

IXPE foams, compared with other similar foaming materials,  have much more excellent properties, please see the comparison sheet below. 

1. Especially for environmental protection, sound insulation, waterproof, moisture proof, shock absorption, cushioning, flexible, heat preservation, heat insulation, weather ability, aging resistant and lightweight. 

2. can be skinned with aluminum film, aluminum foil, PE film or other materials to apply into construction and automotive interior, as well as widely used in flooring underlayment. 

3.  one of environmental protection, best sound insulation, and moisture resistant products in flooring underlayment. 

4. Thickness ranges from 0.5mm to 15mm in single layer, and higher thickness is available by lamination process.

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Comparison of different foams

comparison between XPE FOAM and ixpe foam

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