Irradiation Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam

Irradiation Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam

Irradiation closed cell polyethylene foam is one of the most environmental protection, best sound insulation and moisture resistance products in flooring underlaymnet.

Product Details

Irradiation cross-linked polyethylene foam (also know as IXPE FOAM), is possessed with

excellent tensile strength, elongation ratio, tear strength, as well as water absorption. Due to the raw material of low-density polyethylene is made to the independent cells by electronic irradiation, so its has better strength than non crosslinked polyethylene foam.

Features of irradiation cross-linked polyethylene foam

  • Moisture-proof

    independent closed-cell structure with less than 0.01g/cm3 water absorption rate

  • Shock absorption

    to improve the unevenness with the comfortable feel

  • Fast&easy installation

  • Good thermal conductivity as low as 0.038 W/M.K

Irradiation cross-linked polyethylene foam is commonly used in the following applications:

1) Construction floor underlay

ixpe foam underaly

2) Medical device such as ECG pad

ixpe foam ECG PAD

3) Athletic padding and helmet lining

leisure mat

4) Protective case inserts

foam tray

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