IXPE Foam rolls&sheets

IXPE Foam roll& sheet is a closed-cell foam that has been chemically cross linked (XPE Foam) or physically cross linked (IXPE Foam). It provides superior physical properties compared to standard polyethylene foams ( such as, EPE. EVA).

Product Details

Two major types of crosslinked PE foam are:

1. Irradiated crosslinked polyethylene foam(IXPE FOAM) is very fine celled microcellular foam. Irradiated crosslinked foam is used for medical applications, heart forming, and high-end protective packaging and consumer products. This foam can actually be printed on very clearly.

ixpe foam


IXPE Foam rolls & sheet is produced continuously without breaks during the production process, which improves the efficiency of the production.  It has a wide developing area as new environmentally-safe material.

 IXPE Crosslinked Polyethylene Foamed Sheet and rolls

1. Heat Insulation:

Single foaming structure is able to reduce the loss of heat between air convections, suitable for making heat preservation pipes and boards. 

Excellent anti-dew capability, suitable for humid environments like refrigerators, air-conditioners and ice houses, etc.

2. Cushion Capability:

Semi-hard quality foams have good rebound capabilities after a strong impact, is the ideal material for the packing of instruments, semiconductors, and electronics, etc.

3. Sound Absorption:

Good sound and noise absorption capability are usually used as sound absorption and insulation parts of automobiles, electro-motors and other equipment and environments with loud noises.

4. Shaping Capability:

Good heat endurance and ductility capability with even density are easy to make deep interior parts like shaping in a vacuum and hot environments, the air conditioning vaporizing tank of automobiles, hot-shaped peak canopy of vehicles and shoes, etc.

It is safe and odorless, easy for machining and casting, and can be mixed with many other materials.

Application solution:
1. Packaging

electronics, components, appliances and other demanding protection; and packaging materials

2. Vehicle

automotive interior decoration, ceiling, dashboard, cover the old boards, coolers, flooring, and other materials.

3. Culture/sports

school teaching materials, children's toys, sporting a variety of mattress, surfboard, swimming with life jackets, float, and cushioning materials; kitchen sink mat, bath cap, and slippers, hats 

4. Insulations

Heating and cooling machines, tanks, reservoirs and insulation materials; central air conditioning, air conditioning with heat insulation, Soundproof, sound-absorbing,



Construction, civil engineering field, roof, wall insulation, thermal insulation; 

cushioning, anti-condensation, waterproof, leak-proof,  wallpaper;

anti-corrosion materials; various infrastructure construction materials; 

anti-frost, shock cushioning material; interior decoration; mattress materials, wall sound barriers

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