Popular Packing usage especially in electronic parts due to its excellent and permanent surface resistance.

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What is ESD PE foam?

ESD PE foam is a type of Anti Static closed cell polyethylene foam, current only black color is available, 

it is regarded as an eco-friendly, low-density,  protective industrial packing foam for electrostatic products. 

Two types of ESD  PE foam due to surface resistance difference

Anti-static PE foam 

         foam surface resistance range 10^3-10^6

Conductive PE foam two types       

        foam surface resistance range 10^6-10^9

Similarities between two types of ESD PE foam

Both can be produced into foam roll, foam sheets, foam inserts according to different electric protective foam's need.

Features of usage in packing

The ESD PE foam is a kind of new material we specially researched for the high-end electronics, which has the properties of permanently anti-static, well resistance to the climate and shock can be made into a foam block, foam sheet, foam tray, foam as customers’ requirements.

  • Raw material: Irradiated crosslinked polyethylene foam

  • Permanently anti-static type.

  • Friendly, environmentally, non-toxic, no odor.

  • Good performance, various shapes by die-cutting as requests.

  • Black color only

ESD foam specifiations

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