Automotive Foam

Automotive Foam

Our automotive-foam foams are designed to improve automotive safety, structural strength, acoustics, and comfort. Used throughout the interior and in various cavities, our foams can be used alone or together for a total solution. Sustainable solutions are available and we are always pleased to help customize a formulation to meet your specifications and other special requirements.

Product Details

CYG TEFA is a major supplier of closed-cell foam, damping, sealing and insulation materials for the automotive manufacturing industry at present. Used primarily to address sealing and many NVH concerns the lightweight nature of these foams makes significant contributions to reduced vehicle weight and improved fuel economy. CYG TEFA'S Automotive foams manage noise, vibration, and harshness; offer fine structural support.

LDPE material: Low-density polyethylene foam has numerous applications because of its many desirable properties including water-resistance, chemical resistance, energy-absorbance, buoyancy and cushioning characteristics. 

automotive foam application

1) Acoustical insulation/foam

2) Armrests and headrest

3) Energy management foam

4) Headrests/seat cushioning

5) Hood liners

6) Instrument panel components 

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