Air Conditioning Insulation Material

Air Conditioning Insulation Material is an ideal choice for air conditioner due to its good properties, such as light weight, high quality and durability, shock absorption, waterproof and humidity tolerance, heat insulation. Compare with the expand PE foam, EVA and other foam types, our cross linked closed cell foam pipe is much better and lasting.

Product Details


The cross-linked polyethylene foam is the raw material, and through the post process treatment, (if coiling, and shape the rolls or sheets into a pipe, then we can get the insulation pipe foam), if sheet, laminated by two layers, and get the thicker foam( more than 15mm). Sometimes, it will be coated the aluminum foil or pe film on the surface to increase the characteristic of thermal insulation, waterproof, shock absorption.

Thermal insulation material:
It is made from aluminum foil and polyethylene by special machinery.
It has no odor and toxicity.

This new heat insulation material not only has good insulation, heat reflection & insulation, and anti-radiation functions but also has good moisture-barrier, heat preservation and energy-saving functions in air conditioner pipes.


Material: xpe foam or ixpe foam. Two layers in different colors

Coated with aluminum foil on the surface

Shape: pipe /tube, with half-open or fully open to making the covering more convenient

Sheets or rolls ( as customers' requirements)

Density: 33kg/m3, and customer requirement is available

Size available:  O.D.< 20cm, thickness < 10mm, cut into length: 1.0m/1.2m/1.5m

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