Air Conditioner Insulation Pipe Foam

Air Conditioner Insulation Pipe Foam

Air Conditioner Insulation Pipe Foam is an ideal choice for air conditioner due to its good properties, such as light weight, high quality and durability, shock absorption, waterproof and humidity tolerance, heat insulation.

Product Details


The raw material is chosen carefully from the cross-linked polyethylene foam, and through the post process treatment, like a coiling machine, and shape the rolls or sheets into a pipe, then we get the air conditioner insulation pipe foam.


1, Length: 3 meters to 50 meters 
2, Thickness of copper tube compatible with any gases. 
3. Insulation pipe can be printed with letter

Size: maximum diameters within 20cm, thickness within 10mm

1) Low density, and thermal conductivity, non- absorption, fireproof, and heat-resistance, anti-aging, anti-UV, and anti-corrosion.

2) PE foaming insulation tubes are wildly used in the areas of a pipeline project, automotive and air-conditioner refrigeration industry as the insulation material.

3) Length: in accordance with the requirements from customers.

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