2 Lb IXPE Foam

2 Lb IXPE Foam

2 Lb IXPE Foam has those super good characteristics, which is good material for Automotive Interiors, construction, packing, sports and leisure, medical and health care...

Product Details


2 Lb IXPE Foam: The unique irradiated cross-linked polyethylene foam in the density of 32kg/m3. Consisting of nearly 100 percent of closed-cell foam is its major characteristic. They are lightweight and flexible and offer excellent characteristics such as thermal insulation, impact resistance, thermal resistance, and flame resistance. 

2 Lb IXPE Foam is the softest foam in our products ranges, with all kinds of colors is available, especially ideal for packing material as its requirements of shock absorption, and cushion properties. Its non-odor and eco-friendliness are customer's pursuit in most of leading packing material. 

More density is available as follows:

xpe foam

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