Application Parts

The automotive industry is constantly lightening the weight of the average car. 

The lower weight of each vehicle means less fuel consumption and more comfort when people drive. 

XLPE foams are not hard to be found in all various kinds of vehicles, such as commercial and private small vehicles, buses and coaches.  Cross-linked polyethylene Foam(Huzhou CYG also can supply polypropylene foam) materials can be widely used in applications.

Soft trim applications, indoors, dashboards, headliners, seats, etc. most often require lamination or adhesion to a PVC or TPO liner and then a subsequent vacuum / thermoforming or compression molding type process to shape into the required part.

Some of the XLPE foam materials used in automotive undergo complex design and heat forming processes, whilst others are just "cut and stuck".

a) Waterproof door panel

             water shidle TRIM            door trim

waterproof door panel

b) Automotive air duct

             (IXPE foam material)                              (IXPP foam material)

air duct  ixpp air duct                 ixpp air duct

air duct

air duct comparison

c) Headrest inner lining material

headrest liner

for headrest liner

d) Dashboard 

car dash


e) roof/ceiling liner

car roof

car roof

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