Huzhou Changyuan Tefa Technology Co.,Ltd

What We Do? Huzhou Changyuan Tefa Technology CO.,LTD. HZ CYG TEFA CO.,LTD was established in May, 2016, a subsidiary company of CYG Group (stock Code, 600525). In the meantime, we combine the manufacture and trade together, engaged in producing and supplying LDPE foam and foam products. Read More

Hot Products

    • Polypropylene Foam Rolls

      Polypropylene Foam Rolls

      This Polypropylene Foam Roll, a kind of high performance closed-cell foaming material, consists of polypropylene(PP), AC foaming agent, being irradiated by an electron accelerator, and foamed in high temperature.

    • XPE Foam Lamination

      XPE Foam Lamination

      Introduction XPE foam lamination is made by chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam. Full name:Chemical Cross linked Polyethylene foam (XPE FOAM) General Abbreviation in Intra-Industry: XPE foam, XLPE foam, AEPE foam and etc. XPE are most commonly used while less XLPE abroad. Explanation: Made...

    • IXPE Foam Mats

      IXPE Foam Mats

      IXPE Foam Mats are made with physically cross-linked polyethylene foam. The fine and homogenous closed cells determine its smooth surface. Cross linked polyethylene foam has super good characteristics, which is good material for Automotive Interiors, construction, packing...